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Section 74-93 (f)

March 2, 2009

(f)   Property to be kept clean. All owners of commercial, professional, industrial, multifamily and residential property must maintain said property, and occupants and business tenants must keep the premises they occupy, as well as common areas, including adjacent sidewalks, grass strips, one-half of alley, and rights-of-way to the edge of the surface of the vehicular travelway of any public street, in a clean and litter-free manner. Rubbish, refuse or other litter on any property must be removed by the owner, occupants and/or business tenants.

I took a ride down High St. to go to the C.R.U.S.H Conversation Meeting Sunday and was completely appalled at the sight and amount of trash littering the sidewalks and streets.

During the meeting I mentioned the Municipal Code above that applies to property owners, business tenants in regards to maintain the appearance.

I think a little code enforcement is OVERdue.


Holyoke Public Safety Committee Meeting

March 2, 2009

I am reposting this information, due to the importance and the recent uproar of the City of Holyoke spending $400,000 to demolish a abandoned building in Holyoke.

On Wednesday, March 4th, the Public Safety Committee will meet at 6:30 pm to hear a presentation from the permitting group. This group has been in existence for many years in Holyoke. It has several functions, but one primary one that we are having them speak about, is the process for handling abandoned properties, sale of properties, demolishing unsafe buildings etc. This is the only item on the agenda and I think it will answer a lot of questions that the public has as well as city councilors. Please put something in the newspaper that the public is welcome. Several of these dedicated department heads and workers will be there educate everyone and give a great presentation.

Permitting Group List

Joseph Beaulieu / Captain, Fire Department

Dan Bresnahan / Director, Board of Health

Jeff Burkott / Principal Planner, Planning Department

John Dyjach / Assistant Director Holyoke Economic & Industrial Development

Paul Healy / Building Commissioner, Building Department

Charlie Lavelle / Staff Attorney, Law Department

Karen Mendrala / Senior Planner, Planning Department

Alicia Zoeller / Director, Conservation Commission

Kathy Anderson / Director, Office of Planning & Development

Thomas G Paquin / Lieutenant Fire Department

Matthew Sokop / City Engineer, Engineering Department

Kara Cunha / 2nd City Solicitor, Law Department

David Guzman / Development Specialist, HEDIC

Donna Dowdall / Paralegal, Law Department

Linda McQuade / Deputy Administrator, Community Development

David LaFond / Chief, Fire Department

Carol Bligh / Paralegal, Law Department

David Martins/ Procurement Officer, Purchasing Department

I will be unable to attend due to a presentation at Umass Amherst.

Holyoke Mayors Race

January 24, 2009

Alot of posts about who should be Mayor, have been floating around, but they all pertain to has-beens or has-nots.

This city is in a mess, and needs a new direction, an influx of new ideas that nobody ever talks about.

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Tuition Based Holyoke Schools Is it time?

December 22, 2008

More and more, Education costs are rising, while state funding is declining, the same bureaucratic system fails a large percent of our youth in Holyoke.
Regarded as an under-performing school system, A consulting agency has been given millions of dollars to improve the public school system and admittingly said we are no better off now than we were before.
Overseen by the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability This state agency has ceased all operations. Nice huh?

So now lets move to title, I think we need to move to a Tuition Based School System, giving parents more of a ‘Stake’ in their childs education. Would you or I do nothing as your child failed in class if we invested thousands of dollars in their education?
Would you or I sit by while School Administrators destroyed the basic foundations of teaching, encouragement and mentoring young minds into becoming great minds?
Would you or I sit by and do nothing when school officials are charged with sexual harrasment and the city paying settlements.
The list goes on and on. We just wouldn’t take it, we would make sure we got our money’s worth not only out of the school system, but also out of our children.
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The Lowes Effect

December 17, 2008

After reading how the City of Springfield has set the highest business property tax rate in the State of Mass, and how so much attention has been brought on how some people want Lowes not to be developed on Whitings Farm Rd.

I have this to say:
If all the cry babies don’t want a business like Lowes to come here, and actually bring in extra revenue then the property tax rate deserves to go up, as well as the residential rate, then you can all cry about that.

It’s Bullshit that you cry to the City Council and then criticize them for not agreeing with you, then expect everyone to do something for nothing because you pay taxes in the city.

oh, and you renters just wait till your rent goes up to cover the increase too. Landlords cant bear the burden, and who gets to cover the cost? You do!

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it

Grant Money for Holyoke

December 13, 2008

I came across an application for Clean Energy Companies, Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations, Educational Programs, and Labor Organizations. One of the target cities is Holyoke.

The program is called “Pathway out of Poverty”

The grant is to provide “Green Job Training” that is associated with the clean energy industry that moves students toward self sufficiency.

 This grant is for Job Training,  certifications, relevant education, or career coaching .

$1,000,000 is available for 5 grants

Application packages are here. Deadline is January 15, 2009

Pathways out of Poverty Grants

if you know any of Company or Organization that could implement this, Please pass it on.

Yes to Lowes

December 10, 2008

 I have considered all sides of the projected Lowes Development, and I agree that the City of Holyoke, All elected officials and the residents of Holyoke, should welcome Lowes Development with open arms.

 The Whiting Farms Rd. site is semi residential and mostly industrial, the tax revenue generated by not only Lowes, but other businesses in the proposed development will be paying licensing fees and business tax.

 Questions have been raised about the development of that area when the city needs to be concentrating on the Downtown area, which I do agree it does need serious help, but with what money?

 Would any business relocate to a revitalized downtown area, with Holyoke’s severe Anti-business climate? To have a development that actually wants to come in and pay the high property taxes that Holyoke charges is rare enough. but to decline them that development based on a few neighbors that are with the anywhere in holyoke, but not near my street.

 I would dare to say that alot of these people, are the same people that run to the assessors office every year filing abatements on their property taxes.

 Lowes has proven to be a great business partner in City after City, some residents have brought up how Lowes paid the Town of Hadley $410,000 to build the Lowes up there. Holyoke should not require one red cent in a sublime payoff, we should just expedite the building of this project.

 The state is broke, the city costs keep escalating year after year, the property values are falling, which in turn will lower the tax revenue of the City.

Lowes will not be the Savior to the city, but it will help prolong the inevitable of Prop 2 1/2 overrides that we will facing shortly.

 As far as the Downtown are I recommend that we put a percentage of the Lowes Tax Revenues into a special fund to be used only for the improvement of the downtown business district, and a higher percent after the current recession is over.

 And why is it ok to dump trash on the low income latino population with the waste transfer station, but when a company wants to move a national business into a Industrial Zoned area, close to a middle class primarily white neighborhood its not ok?