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Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Committee Expenses

February 17, 2010

Holyokey from masslive claims I am making up the expenses of the St. Partricks day committee when they spend almost $80,000 on food and almost $40,000 on awards.

So here is their 2007 Federal Tax Return expense page, available online with a little searching.

parade expenses 2007
042633859_200806_990 full

My point is if they can pay for that kind of FLUFF they can pay for city services.

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  1. jane smith permalink
    February 26, 2010 7:58 pm

    wgby refused to give an answer when it was questioned about the details of the financial relationship between the parade and wgby. they were asked: does wgby PAY or do they GET PAID to broadcast the parade. the person responding asked “who are you” “why do you want to know” “Where are you getting your information” “IF wgby has a contract to broadcast the parade, the financial arrangements are confidential.” Why all the secrecy? So much for transparency. The federal tax return submitted by the parade committee contains some “expenses” that need to be examined further. Specifically: Purchased services for $87,802. Promotional materials at $45,279 and much, much more. In addition, there is a claim that “public support” amounted to $1,377,099. “Public support” of the st.patrick’s day parade amounted to 99%. By the way, “public support” means you and me. I didn’t get a receipt from the parade committee for my personal contribution. It’s high time that the taxpaying citizens of Holyoke be recognized for their “contributions” throughout the years. How much money was collected, who gave it, when did they give it, who used it, what was it used for etc. The parade committee should be called to the carpet to explain in detail some of the more nebulous items in their return. There’s plenty of room for somebody to get away with paying themselves. In cash. Every year. For decades. Almost forgot: the parade committee bank account showed $6,788 in interest. You know what I learned in school? SHARING. That’s what I learned in school.

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