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Veto Power

June 25, 2009

I encourage the holyoke city council, not to wait and just override the Mayor’s Veto on the stop order at the Maple St. Location.

First we do not need this, there are 2 other parking garages in the City.
Secondly, the city will need to maintain the facility. At a time of fiscal concern, we should not be burdened with additional expenses, and just looking at the other structures, the city does not do a good job of maintaining them, additionally there will be a need for 24 hour security that will need to be paid for. not just to protect the property and vehicles, but more importantly protecting the people ( especially women) from being assaulted in the parking structure going to their vehicles.

Third, This is not a location for a parking structure. It does not fit with the local aesthetics, and would be an eyesore

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  1. June 27, 2009 1:31 pm

    I can’t support this project either.

    Current parking on the Maple Street lot is 65 spaces. The new garage will increase that to 80 spaces. An increase of 15 parking spaces.

    The city is already loosing money on the other two garages. We pay Pro Park, a Picknelly company, to run the garages at a lost. A free parking lot would cheaper the whole way around.

    Picknelly has argued that the city needs the parking which is laughable.

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