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Section 74-93 (f)

March 2, 2009

(f)   Property to be kept clean. All owners of commercial, professional, industrial, multifamily and residential property must maintain said property, and occupants and business tenants must keep the premises they occupy, as well as common areas, including adjacent sidewalks, grass strips, one-half of alley, and rights-of-way to the edge of the surface of the vehicular travelway of any public street, in a clean and litter-free manner. Rubbish, refuse or other litter on any property must be removed by the owner, occupants and/or business tenants.

I took a ride down High St. to go to the C.R.U.S.H Conversation Meeting Sunday and was completely appalled at the sight and amount of trash littering the sidewalks and streets.

During the meeting I mentioned the Municipal Code above that applies to property owners, business tenants in regards to maintain the appearance.

I think a little code enforcement is OVERdue.

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