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Holyoke Police Crash…Again

December 8, 2008

 I’m just sitting here, wondering what the actual policy is for the Holyoke Police Dept. involving Police Chases.

This is in response to the recent accident involving a chase of suspected shoplifters from the holyoke mall to West Springfield.

 According to WWLP News  “During the chase a Holyoke police cruiser collided with another vehicle.  Officer Manuel Febo was transported to Holyoke Medical Center with injuries to his head, hands, and feet. 

 Now I don’t want to seem cold hearted but was this really worth it?  I could understand if it was an armed robbery, sexual assault, and so forth, but for a suspicious vehicle leaving a shopping mall?

 I wish the officer a speedy recovery, but what if it was your husband, wife, son, or daughter that was struck by the cruiser? wouldn’t you be concerned?

Remember back in May, when the woman fled chicopee crashed in Holyoke and was killed?

Chief Scott is quoted in The Republican saying

 “Holyoke Police Chief Anthony R. Scott said, “We discourage pursuits.”

The decision as to whether or not to conduct a police chase is made by the commanding officer, who carefully weighs the particulars, Scott said.

If an incident involves just a traffic violation, Scott said his officers do not pursue a vehicle. ”

So what is the actual pursuit policy, and what justified this chase?

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  1. December 27, 2008 12:18 pm

    They crashed yet another one last night.

  2. holyokenow permalink*
    December 27, 2008 3:24 pm

    really? i guess thats one way to get a new police car

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