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Holyoke Recycling

September 6, 2008

On Friday I went to the DPW to pay my sewer bill and asked the ladies in the office about the recycling program in Holyoke.

They gave me some great information, and I took some of the literature and scanned it for everyone to see if they need it.

So first lets talk about the recycling bins, I received some very small recycling bins that the DPW was giving out to the residents. Apparently these bins were funded by a grant to the city, because they do not have anymore and the office workers told me there was no more grant money.

They do have larger bins you can purchase them for $5 each.

that is the price their cost and they dont make any profit on them. They look about 18 gallons or so.

I was told you can get the extra large recycling barrels with wheels at no charge, but you must have alot of recycled material every pickup, they are not going to give one to you if your not going to fill it

I picked up a brochure on what they collect at the curbside, what you can drop off, and a schedule.

This is their flyer on recycling cardboard. How to prepare it for recycling

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  1. September 7, 2008 7:32 am

    Thank you so much! This is really great Info. Did you know they also have compost bins there you can buy for 25 bucks?

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