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TD Bank N.A owes $267,000 in Back Taxes

April 14, 2010

In this article by Here TD Bank owns the property at 3 Bigelow St. in Holyoke Mass.

There is nearly $267,000 in Back Taxes owed on this property that need to be paid. As far as I understand all back taxes are the responsibility of the current owner.

Why aren’t people demanding that TD Bank pay their bills? Hopefully more exposure will force them to pony up the cash. We need more tax collection in this city.


Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Committee Expenses

February 17, 2010

Holyokey from masslive claims I am making up the expenses of the St. Partricks day committee when they spend almost $80,000 on food and almost $40,000 on awards.

So here is their 2007 Federal Tax Return expense page, available online with a little searching.

parade expenses 2007
042633859_200806_990 full

My point is if they can pay for that kind of FLUFF they can pay for city services.

Race to the top

July 24, 2009

Hopefully the Holyoke Public School system doesn’t blow this one either.

The Department of Education will conduct a national competition among states this year for $4 billion of the Race to the Top Fund to improve education quality and results statewide. The Race to the Top Fund will support states’ effort to drive substantial gains in student achievement. These grants will focus on four reform goals – using data to drive instruction, raising standards, turning around historically low-performing schools, and improving teacher and principal quality – as described in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

It’s been reported, that School Districts may apply on their own, instead of going through state government

Parking Garage is a dead deal

July 24, 2009

It never was a good idea, and luckily no veto and/or wasting more time is needed.

Veto Power

June 25, 2009

I encourage the holyoke city council, not to wait and just override the Mayor’s Veto on the stop order at the Maple St. Location.

First we do not need this, there are 2 other parking garages in the City.
Secondly, the city will need to maintain the facility. At a time of fiscal concern, we should not be burdened with additional expenses, and just looking at the other structures, the city does not do a good job of maintaining them, additionally there will be a need for 24 hour security that will need to be paid for. not just to protect the property and vehicles, but more importantly protecting the people ( especially women) from being assaulted in the parking structure going to their vehicles.

Third, This is not a location for a parking structure. It does not fit with the local aesthetics, and would be an eyesore

Holyoke, the new hub for Green I.T

June 12, 2009

Gov. Patrick announces Holyoke to be the site of a High Performance Computer Center, in a collaboration with Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Umass.

Governor Patrick said “The use of green technology is a key feature here”

Holyoke is actually one of the best places in the country to develop and locate Green I.T , not only for hydro generation, but also for wind and solar generation.

But one of the most critical aspects of running a computer center is the cooling aspect. So once again Holyoke’s canal system can be used in a “green way” as well as implementing a geothermal solution.

However, all is lost if there is no funding for such a project, at a cost of $80 mil. to $100 mil, the need for corporate investment is really going to be required.

Not only will this project bring “green jobs” to Holyoke, as well as computer jobs, and help develop the local economy.

Cisco Systems, and EMC Corporation have already been mentioned.

So what do you think Holyoke can do to get corporations to invest in this plan?

60 layoffs in Public Safety

April 21, 2009

Mayor Sullivan has announced a proposed 60 layoffs in Basic Services.

Meanwhile President Obama signs a 5.7 billion dollar public service bill.

So why doesn’t the Mayor cut non-essential non-skilled services and utilize the AmeriCorps Volunteers program run by the New England Farmworkers’ Council in Holyoke?

Just an idea that would save us money, utilize federal money to provide service to the city, and also benefit the volunteers.